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Grotto Bay Beach Resort Review

Do you want to enjoy a touch of finest Bermuda hotel at an affordable price? Grotto bay beach resort is very appealing accommodation to those who will be traveling with the budget. It is set on a beautiful landscape garden looking into a deep water cove called Ferry Reach. The location of the resort is near the world heritage site of St. George. The hotel features two hundred room on 11 lodges scattered across the grounds of the property. Every room has their own balcony with the view of the Castle harbor, radio, television, iron, safe and other modern amenities.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort Bermuda Grotto Bay Beach Resort Grotto Bay Beach Resort Room

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Those who love to swim will find the place delightful. Aside from pool, spa and playground for kids, there are also well lit caves that can let you swim on a turquoise waters. This area is where the hotel got its name. Guests can visit the Cathedral cave and Prospero’s Cave which is located underground. The lodges are very inviting because of its pastel colored wall and tile floors with rugs. For those who are sporty, there are tennis courts with resident tennis coach. You can have lessons at night because the courts are well lit. The hotel in Bermuda has their own dock that offers rentals of boat, kayak and wind surf. If you want to go diving, Triangle Diving offers program in different level.

Love the facilities of Grotto bay beach resort with swim bar, fitness center and access to private beach. There are several restaurants in the resort. If you want a casual dining, the Palm Court offers a well relaxed ambiance. Hibiscus room is for those who want to dress up and experience European dishes with touch of local flavor. There is also the Bayside Bar & Grill which offers good sandwiches. During peak season, this restaurant normally host BBQ and seafood buffet. Kids will love the activity prepared by the resort during summer. This is a good deal so that parents can relax during the entire vacation without worrying about the children. The hotel is said to be for kids as it has playground and room for video games.

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